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Chapel of Ramsessess

             The Chapel of Ramessess at Abydos caught my eye as I was walking through the museum; however, its West Wall truly captured my interest. This brilliant piece of art motivated me for a number of reasons. Its structure was exquisite and told a story of Ramessess I and his son Sety I. Further, it was considered the focal point of the chapel. It depicted symbolism in Ancient Egypt through each scene of the wall. It portrayed gift giving between father and son towards the gods of Ancient Egypt.
             The West Wall was constructed during the reign of Sety I, Dynasty19 (ca. 1291-1279 B.C.). It's described as the focal point of the wall. The scenes portrayed on it show Ramessess I on the right and his son Sety I on the left. Ramessess presents offerings to the symbol of Gods Abydene cult, which replaced Osiris" image. Sety presents a statue of himself offering a jar of mirth to the symbol accompanied by Horus. In return for the offering, Osiris says to Sety, "My chosen son of my body, lord of two hands, Menmattre, my heart is happy and content because you acted. You are my son and protector. As long as the sun exists, your name will exist. As long as the sky exists your deeds will exist.".
             The upper register of the scene, which is, now lost, is centered on the djed pillar, symbol of Osiris. Also, in another scene Ramessess was shown offering a bouquet to the statue of Osiris accompanied by Isis. Finally, to the left of that scene Sety presented offerings to the statue of Osiris accompanied by, "Horus, son of Osiris.".
             The West Wall of the chapel was a very interesting piece of art. It was a brilliant piece because it depicted Ancient Egyptian art perfectly. It made me think about that period in history. I feel it would have been a very interesting time to live. Pyramid building, ancient artifacts, and religious ceremonies must have been amazing events to witness first hand. In my opinion, Ancient Egyptian art is magnificent.

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