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             Life lessons are the most important aspects of one's childhood. In my childhood there have been many lessons I have learned the hard way! The biggest lesson I learned was to stand up for what I wanted, strive to obtain it, and most of all to let the lord walk with me. Sporadically it will feel like he is no there but I have learned he always is.
             I lived with my mom in Oklahoma and things were very unstable for us to live together. There were serious problems she and I had always encountered. These problems go deeper than just a teenager and parent conflict. One evening my mom and I were in a horrible argument, when things turned out violent, the police had to come take me away. All my life my family other than my mom lived in New York. It took some time for my grandmother to come get me. During this time, I was held by the court. I was so relieved when my grandma had come to "save me.".
             I was placed in a home for twenty days and the process was in the courts hands. The home I was at was definitely the worst place I have ever been in my life. The day were so long and dragged out and the food was gross. The twenty days I was n there all I could do was think to myself. I thought about what I wanted in life, and who was there for me when I needed them the most. Obviously in this situation my grandma was there. My birthday is January twenty-eight and I was so happy I was out of there before it. The day I left m mom, grandma, and I all had to meet at court. My mom signed all responsible of me over t o my grandma. Prior to the court date she had already packed up my cloths and all my personal things. That day my grandma and I left to go back to New York. The twenty-eighth wasn't the best birthday but it could've been worth.
             Moving was the worth feeling; as if I was in a tiny box and couldn't get out. I didn't want to leave the friends I grew up with and start all over. I did not even have the ambiton to go to high school anymore.

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