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The World of Cymbals and Percussion: Zildjian.com

             The World of Cymbals and Percussion: Zildjian.
             One of the leading brands of cymbals and drumsticks in the world today is Zildjian. Zildjian's legendary passion for quality makes every cymbal as pure as the original. .
             This particular site, Zildjian.com, is one that is devoted to one of the key elements of percussion, which are cymbals. I personally own several Zildjian cymbals and I am very pleased with them. This company's web site is definitely a very helpful source to today's drummer. It offers the complete line of Zildjian cymbals and drumsticks that are available to buy in stores worldwide. It also allows you to locate the nearest retail store to be able to purchase the cymbals and drumsticks of your choice. There are also apparel and accessories that are available to order through the web site. These items include t-shirts, jackets, hats, key chains, clocks, and much more.
             The first time I opened the Zildjian web site I was impressed with the layout, color, organization, and variety of options that appeared. The first page quickly opened up welcoming you to the Zildjian website and gives the option of running the site with or without shockwave. The left side of the page is covered in bright orange flames that fade out to the right. At the top, written largely across the screen, is the Zildjian name. Below this is a paragraph that welcomes you to the world of cymbals, drumsticks, and some of the world's greatest drummers. Behind the logo and the welcoming paragraph is half of a picture of a guy playing the drums. This provides a great introduction to the site and gets the attention of the viewer. Once you've clicked to enter the site it only takes a few seconds to load. Zildjian is also one of the most popular names in percussion, so it is very accessible to anyone. Just search for "cymbals" and Zildjian is one of the first sites you will see when the results come up.

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