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Sex in media

            The qualities that lead a person to find someone attractive are purely a matter of opinion. A character trait one person finds simply irresistible could be completely appalling to another. However, the initial spark between two people is caused by physical attraction. This concept is supported by the following example. When you approach someone for the first time in a social situation, there is no way of knowing a persons personality. Meaning, one would not walk across a bar to approach a stranger based on their personality. For it would be impossible for the stranger's emotional character to motivate them to do so. It is physical appearance which causes this motivation of interest and supports my original claim. .
             The "motivation" that is sparked from attraction is not only present through social encounters but in fact has been marketed in today's society. Music, television, advertising and other mega forms of media present images which persuade public interest. This is accomplished by using a general image which will appeal to a wide audience. For example, it has been long known that many men are attracted to large breasted women. An advertising firm wishing to sell a product geared towards men may include a large breasted attractive woman in their advertisement. When a male subject is exposed to this advertisement the large breasts may catch his attention, rather than the product advertised it's self. This attraction will motivate the subject's interest to view the entire advertisement. .
             The concept mentioned thus far could be presented as a rebuttal for those who claim that our culture over emphasizes physical appearance. If physical attraction sparks romantic interest, why not attempt, to in fact look your "best"? Well the idea behind my basic criticism of modern day American culture is not that we shouldn't present ourselves to catch the interest of those we desire, but how much and to what extremes do we do so.

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