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Lifestyle and Health

             All of my life, I have fought to not go "off the trails" of seeking good health. I have gone off the trails in terms of smoking, staying up late and getting up early, missing dental and doctor's appointments, practically living on takeout food, and on and on and on. .
             Realizing that healthy living is about reconciling with yourself and thereby achieving emotional peace - to accept who I am, improving who I am in My terms and at My pace -- I decided begin a personal quest to get and stay healthy. I started drawing hope and inspiration from different sources such as family, friends, medical advice and articles.
             Some things I had already changed. I have been on a million "diets" and lost and gained many pounds. Each time I lost weight, I would gain it all back along with an extra 10 pounds. I became a fiscally responsible person. I have lost some weight -- I learned how to eat healthy foods, as a lifestyle, not a habit! I never believed in diets but now I am living proof that you don't need fads and pills to lose the necessary weight. I now walk an average of four days a week. I love the way I can walk up this one particular hill near my home that previously I used to have to stop a few times along the way before I could get to the top. I also rejoined a health club, and my house is sort of clean (!!! a near miracle!!!). .
             My family has a history of heart disease and cancer. There are members of my family that have died at an early age. Because of this I bought a day planner and stopped missing doctor's appointments. I am really taking care of myself with regular checkups for heart disease, cancer and dental. I quit smoking! I am quite proud of that, and know with all my heart I never would have been able to do it without the support that I got from my family and my circle of friends. .
             I believe I have rid myself of the majority of my bad habits. I think I would like to change one more thing and that is not getting enough rest.

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