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Hobbes vs. locke

             Nowadays, especially after the terrorist acts on September 11, 2001 and the war in Iraq, terrorism is on-top issue discussion that turns the attention of the whole world. The reason for that is that the nations are threatened for their security and safety. Constant conflicts and wars keep people in tension. What should the government do for the national security? I would like to contemplate on this question by looking at the theories of John Locke and Thomas Hobbes. .
             Thomas Hobbes and John Locke are two political philosophers; their theories were about the formation of the society and discussing the men in his natural state. Even though they both believed that men naturally have to some extent equality and freedom, what makes their concepts differ is the presence or absence of the natural law. While Hobbes" position is confined on the importance of security and that the government needs to have the power to .
             take any necessary step to maintain peace and to avoid war and conflict, Locke's position is comprehensive on the right of liberty and that the government's role and purpose is to conserve and to accord the liberty and freedom of every individual.
             If we take a look at Hobbes" theory about the natural state, that means the condition men were in before political government came into existence, is that people are at constant war, a war of all against all. In their nature, people are selfish and tend to do everything for their own reason. Hobbes says that the natural reason is something that is inside the person head and that the reason does not have power to establish the civilized relationships between, .
             people, thus the sovereign is needed as a tool to establish the civilization. He contends that if there is not power to keep people in awe, they will continually be in war against each other. .
             Hobbes believed that without the ruler with the power, society would fall into the state of nature.

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