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            Advance Topics in Developmental Psych .
             For the past 5 years, my child John has been experiencing twitching in his neck and his shoulders. When he was younger me and my wife thought nothing of it, we just thought it was a bad habit that he had to break out of. He was a normal young boy with that small problem. He had many friends on our block that he would play stickball and ride bikes with that saw nothing wrong with John just like us. He is now 16 years old and is in a regular High School. .
             When John was 11, he started to have sudden spasms where he would twist his neck and a rapid movement in his shoulders. We were concerned about it at this time and consulted a pediatrician but he said that he never saw anything like it before, but just to be safe we could give him trihexyphenidyl. The doctor said that he could go on this medication but I was a little eerie about it so we decided against it. .
             Through his entire life, John was a good child and a bright kid. He good grades and was just like any normal young boy. He was very popular all through elementary school but once these problems starting getting worse in High school other children thought of him as somewhat of an outcast. When I was brought up to his school to have a talk to one of his teachers, I was shocked to hear what she was to say to me. .
             John was very disruptive in class, he would me moving his neck in all disoriented types of ways and his peers would make fun of him disrupting the entire class. When I was told about this, I brought John to another doctor for another opinion with the same results. It was not until I went to a total of 4 different doctors until I found out the problem with John. He was suffering from a mild case of Spasmodic Torticollis. Spasmodic Torticollis or ST "is a condition that causes the neck to involuntarily twist to one side. The mechanisms of the condition are not completely understood but the affliction is neurological in nature.

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