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             At this time, there is quite a battle raging between the use of cell phones and regular home phones. These two types of phones will duke it out competing for service, price, and convenience.
             First of all, cell phones only have service in limited areas. You can be out in the middle of no where and not be able to use a cell phone because your provider has no service there. When you are in a large city or town, cell phones will work perfectly for you. The quality of the signal in cell phones depends on whether you are inside a huge building or standing outside. When you are in certain types of buildings, most cell phones do not have service other than analog roam, but when you are outside then the quality of the signal is great. Cell phone towers have their limits as to how many people can use that one signal before the quality is diminished. For example, if you are in a crowded area with a lot of people on cell phones you may have a very limited chance at catching a signal. That is one limitation of cell phones. Regular phones have their advantages and disadvantages too. Regular phones have great service and usually are only affected by bad weather. The quality of the call is crystal clear. Regular phones work great whether you are inside or outside. With regular phones you cannot stray very far from your receiver and still be connected. Unlike cell phones, many people can use a phone extension at one time. No limitations there. .
             Cell phone prices are pretty fair. Just like all things, you can buy a cheap version or you can buy an expensive model. The really expensive ones run anywhere from one hundred-fifty dollars to four hundred-fifty dollars. The cheapest cell phone runs anywhere from twenty to fifty dollars. You get what you pay for. The more expensive ones have more features such as caller ID, being able to surf the internet and play games. The newest kind of cell phone out is one that has a digital camera built in so you can send photos to your friends and relatives anywhere as long as they have they same phone.

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