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Christopher columbus

             Cristopher Columbus was probably one of the greatest explorers of all time. His accomplishments are extra ordinary. Everyone knows that he came to find The New World, but theres much much more that he's done than that. .
             Christopher columbus was born in Genoa, Italy in fouteen fifty-one. As a child he recieced little schooling, and the schooling he got was less than satisfactory. He grew with a real education and because of this he was not very book smart but did have a lot of knowledge. This was not uncommon in those days and it really didn't make a difference Most people in Genoa bacame sailors anyway, which didn't really call for much schooling. That was the path that columbus too would end up taking. .
             Columbus wasn't always a great captain. Heading voyages, finding new lands, and expanding the spanish empire. Everyone has to start somewhere and work they're way up, which is exactly what he did. At the young of ninteen he got his first job as a sailor. That was not his first time on a voyage though. It is said that he had already sailed as far south as New Guinea before his sixtenth birthday. It was voyages like these wher he learned to develop his navigational skills, which he found he was quite good at. Navigation was not all he was good at. He found a love for astronymy that he learned as much as he could about. With the skills he learned he became quite a good sailor at a very young age. .
             In late fourteen seventy-one he tried in vain to get support from the portuguses king to explore the far east by sailing westward, A plan that his brother had thought up. The king would not fund his explorations or even help get him any supplies. This Prompted Columbus to leave Portugal for Spain and try his luck elsewhere. .
             Once in Spain Columbus received some assistance form Duke of Medina Celi, Don Luis de la Cerda. Who gave him a place to stay and minor jobs around the city. He was again unsecessful to get finiancial backing for his maritime endeavours.

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