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Christopher Columbus

             Christopher Columbus should be accepted as a national hero. He expand the geographical knowledge for Europeans, started the birth of new nations and cultures, and contributed to making a larger economic system by the trading of goods and services.
             Columbus enlarged the knowledge of the geography in the West. Since Europeans have claimed this land, there was a new age of hope, glory, and accomplishment. The voyage also gave Europe confidence and more than doubled the area of Christianity, Judging Columbus. According to Modern Attacks Are Unwarranted by Mark Falcoff, Columbus's expedition widened the political and moral horizons of humanity. Christopher Columbus introduced an old world to a new one which is why he is considered a national hero.
             Ever since Columbus's journey, Europe had more opportunity to expand their culture. As said by Michael S. Berliner, in The Christopher Columbus Controversy: Western vs. Primitivism, "Columbus brought America to the attention of the civilized world of Western Europe. It was Columbus's discovery for Western Europe that led to the influx of ideas and people on which this nation is founded." This started the birth of a brand new nation and introduced several different cultures. The natives to the land were mainly nomads and have had virtually no change in hundreds of years. They didn't have much technology, no written language, and no division of labor. All of this changed when Western culture brought its benefits. Columbus was responsible for discovering America and civilizing it, he should be known as a national hero. .
             Columbus has expanded the economic system by trading goods with the natives. According to Howard Zinn from People's History of the United States, they brought over parrots, cotton balls, spears, and many other things. Horses were also introduced. In return, the Europeans brought back many different kinds of food that improved cooking greatly.

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