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Financial Aid

            Financial aid has been a major contributor and destructor for many college students. Some students receive full financial aid and are able to go to the college of their choice. On the other hand, some students cannot attend college because their financial aid packages are insufficient. Though they may receive some kind of assistance, they cannot afford to take out loans for college. Because of this, I would like to present a proposal for providing financial aid on more than just a need basis.
             At Brookhaven College, the administration has enabled students to attend the university by making it affordable. However, some students who want to pursue a higher level of education cannot because they cannot afford the costs of Brookhaven's tuition. It is understood that money is limited, but the college should devise a plan that can accurately seek out who receives financial aid and who doesn't. It is easy for applicants to lie on their financial aid applications, so the financial aid office should create a separate form that can determine the economic status of the student or the school fees provider.
             In a recent brochure for Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, California, only 67% of its students receive financial aid. Therefore, the other 33% either receive some kind of loan or scholarship. This is unfair because there is a great percentage of students that may have difficulty attending their school because of the money situation. Some students can be extremely qualified, but because they make too much money or their parents make too much money, they cannot effectively go to college. If the college considers the expenditures of the tuition payer, we could all go to college with more confidence.

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