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Shaheedi Immortality

             All throughout history, the Sikhs in India have been the target of religious persecution and ethnic cleansing which have continued unabated by the hands of the Indian government and certain government run organizations. The album titled Shaheedi Immortality was produced in England to record the bravery of a few, who laid down their lives, in addition to another quarter of a million Sikh over the last two decades to ensure the survival of others. The term shaheedi is Punjabi for martyr. The most recent atrocity against the Sikhs includes a government planned attack on the Golden Temple on the day when the most Sikhs were expected to be in attendance, June 4th 1984. The Golden Temple has similar significance as the Vatican does for Catholics and is their most cherished place of worship. On that day the government tortured and murdered thousands of Sikhs, brought the destruction of 37 other historical Sikh shrines, and looted and destroyed the Sikh reference library which contained all of the most valued Sikh historical items. It would take pages to explain the extent of all that occurred. Afterwards, Indra Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India, was assassinated by her two body guards which lead to the "84 riots which where planned, government organized killings of Sikh men women and children. They were burned alive, tortured, raped, and dragged through the streets. The Indian police aided the rioters in these mass killings. Right now in the villages of Punjab Sikhs are being disappeared off the street by the police and are being detained, tortured and their bodies are being cremated without the their families knowing what has happened to them. The lucky ones get released by the police with severe injuries. There are reports of mass cremations of unidentified bodies brought in by the police. Those who speak out find themselves or one of their loved ones disappeared. The trouble is that only those who have been educated about the subject know about what is going on since this occurs, the majority of the time, in the poorer communities and those who have money refuse to accept the fact that it is occurring.

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