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Power Violence

             People fighting, weapons, gun fire, pain, and hurt none of us want in our lives, and yet all of this is a part of almost everyone's every day life through entertainment. Try to think of the last time a day passed when you saw no violence whatsoever. It's hard, if not impossible, to do. In today's society, images of physical beatings, people being shot or stabbed, and even more gruesome scenes, are a part of multimedia we view every day in our lives through television, movies, and games. How long has society been like this? If you are older than about thirty or thirty-five, there may be a time where you remember violence not being so present every day. Younger generations, on the other hand, have grown up in a world where seeing such violence is not such a big deal. The fact is that violence in today's multimedia has drastically numbed people's view on real life violence. .
             In today's society, the younger generation finds violence to be a non-event. The younger the person is, the more violence he or she has been exposed to. These days, to see a person shot and killed on television doesn't faze anyone. A five year-old and his parents could be watching the same show where a man is brutally beat to death and neither the parents nor the child would have any sort of reaction. .
             "Remember the hoodlum, Alex, in A Clockwork Orange", undergoing behavior-modifying aversion therapy via hours and hours of graphic sex and violence on TV? For him the boundaries blurred"(Lasn, pg. 11-12). Lasn uses this as an example because for the most part is it true. The boundaries between show and reality truly do begin to blur when we see acts repeated constantly. What's wrong with this picture? The more we see something, the more it becomes a norm or "no big deal." The sad part is that we become used to it. Yes, if a real life event happened where a person was killed in front of us, most of us would be shocked and appalled.

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