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Battle of Bunker Hill

             The Battle of Bunker Hill took place on June 17, 1775 in Charlestown, Massachusetts across the Charles River from Boston and the Boston Harbor. This battle was a very important battle in the Revolutionary War. This battle had a direct affect on the outcome of the war and our history. Many people call the battle, the Battle of Bunker Hill, but the fighting really took place on Breeds Hill, which was right next to Bunker Hill. Most people refer to it as The Battle of Bunker Hill because it is the bigger of the two hills. .
             In 1775 the British had control of Boston. In Massachusetts, the Patriot army was growing. Thousands of Rebels were ready to drive the British out of the colonies, and more specifically, out of Boston. The British commanders for this battle were General Thomas Gage and General Sir William Howe. These two generals were highly skilled in leading legions of British troops in battle. The American commanders were Colonel William Prescott, General Israel Putnam and Joseph Warren. These generals were only fairly skilled in combat and strategy. (Middlekauff) .
             After the American's received word that the British were going to secure the two hills on the peninsula across from Boston and Boston Harbor, the American's decided to invade that area and take control first. Colonel Prescott led two regiments and an artillery company plus a large work detail to Bunker Hill. But Prescott made an error when he chose Breeds Hill to build his fort instead of Bunker Hill. He chose Breeds Hill because it was in a good position to fire their cannons into Boston. Breeds Hill was a mistake because it was an easier target for the British troops to attack because they could attack from both sides. (Middlekauff).
             "If the enemy is taking his ease, harass him; if quietly encamped, force him to move; if well supplied with food, starve him out. Appear at points that the enemy must hasten to defend; march swiftly to places where you are not expected.

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