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Important Battles Of The American Revolution

            Important Battles Of The American Revolution.
             The American Revolution was a war that changed everything in the history books. It started in April 1775 .
             and ended in 1783. There were many important battles that played a big part in the colonists' winning of the .
             war. Some battles the British dominated and some the Americans won with pride. Here are some battles that I .
             think were crucial to the War of Independence.
             General Gage learned that there was secret ammunition stored in Concord, Massachusetts. He ordered .
             troops to go there to destroy any such military supplies and then to Lexington to arrest patriot leaders (Samuel .
             Adams and John Hancock). General Gage had about 800 men ready to go. After they When the plan got out .
             Paul Revere and William Dawes rode to warn that the British were coming. These two men were minutemen. .
             Minutemen were basically the colonists militia. When the British reached Lexington they came across fifty .
             minutemen. John Pitcairn (British Commander) ordered the group of fifty to disperse. Both sides were in .
             confusion and shooting broke out. Eight Americans were killed and ten were wounded. The successful British .
             army went on to Concord. They did not catch Adams and Hancock because of the early information. .
             By the time the army had reached Concord, at seven the next morning, most of the colonists ammunition and .
             supplies were hidden. Although the Americans did a good job at hiding their goods, not all could be saved. .
             The British did destroy some and then left. The British Army met up with some minutemen at the Old North .
             Bridge. (Across the Concord River.) Shots were fired and war had officially begun. The colonists had about .
             400 men and the British only 200. The soldiers retreated to Boston. They were outnumbered and they knew it. .
             Along their way to Boston, Farmers took out a few number of redcoats. At Lexington, the British army had lost .
             274 to death or wounded, and 25 missing. The Americans were decreased because of 88 to death or .

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