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            The American Revolution and the French Revolution both have many things in common and many things that are not alike. There were causes, principals, leaders, and battles that were similar and also many that weren't. The American Revolution accomplished the independence of America from Britain. The French Revolution was caused because of the social classes; they were unevenly divided by different groups of people, nobility, clergy, and everyone else. .
             The American Revolution came about because the colonies wanted their independence from Britain. It was first started when the British wanted to tax the colonies for the British armies, for defending the colonies. They came up with the Stamp Act in 1765. They had different opinions on how the countries should be run. The British thought that there should be one central government, Parliament, which would be the supreme authority. The Americans had their own representative assemblies. The French Revolution started with hopes of settling all French problems. There was an increase in economic growth in the eighteenth century, even though the wealth was not evenly distributed. Another major cause of the French Revolution was the near collapse of government finances. .
             For the American Revolution the French supplied arms and money to the rebels from the beginning of the war, and French officers and soldiers also served in the American Continental Army under George Washington as commander in chief. The Treaty of Parisin 1783 was signed, which the recgonized the independence of the American colonies and gave them control of the western territory from the Appalachian mountains to the Mississippi River. For the French Revolution the country was still run by the clergy and the nobility. The peasants were small landholders and farmers. The backward agriculture methods and internal tariff barriers caused recurring food shortages, which netted fortunes to grain speculators and rural overpopulation created land hunger.

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