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Gun Control

             Gun control has always been a volatile issue. Large organizations spend millions of dollars each year to get new laws passed and the old ones amended. According to the coalition to stop gun violence, one of the larger advocates, firearm violence is currently the second leading cause of injury-related death behind automobile related fatalities, in the United States. (policy.com).
             According to the National Riffle Association, the largest opponent of gun control, all Americans have a constitutional right to own a gun with no restrictions. Guns have saved thousands of lives during criminal activities and with this the argument begins. No one wants to see a life lost no matter what the cause of death; so not just any person should be able to have a gun to use at their own discretion. The Second Amendment reads, "A well .
             regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." (policy.com). It has long been argued as to what the framers of the constitution actually meant when they put these words to paper. Did they mean a well-regulated militia to be a military or paramilitary force? Or did they mean the common man had a right to defend himself from tyranny. (secondamendment.net).
             The definition of militia has come into question. What is the true meaning of militia? At the time of the writing of the constitution, there were standing armies of militia. One was a professional fighting force, maintained by governments for the purpose of enforcing government policy and affording protection to the general populace. They were given wages and billeted in barracks or, in some cases, civilian homes. Maintenance of such forces was a burden to the government, but more important, a burden to the civilians that paid taxes to the government. (Guntruths.com).
             A militia, on the other hand, was a civilian force called up to serve by the government when it needed extras support to its military.

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