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Crucible, A Look into the

             Everyone has their weaknesses, some people are envious, others are uneducated and others hold their pride above everything else. I believe human weakness had to do with the Salem witch trials. Another reason for the trials was the general uneducated population during the time. The book, The Crucible, by Aurther Miller gives us many examples of weakness and education that took place in the false accusations of the Salem witch trials. .
             The people of Salem were unfortunately uneducated in many aspects. This is a direct result of many of the irrational accusation make during the Salem witch trials. For example, when an elderly man showed up at the scene of a young townsman who was attempting to build a fire, the fire suddenly flared up. Today in this age we would not even thought twice about something like that but because of the lack of knowledge and education of the elderly man there was no way to explain such a thing. Another example is Tituba, she was easily thought of as a witch because of her different and exotic ways. If the people in Salem had been taught the different cultures they wouldn't have thought it so weird. But because there was no explanation for her ways it was simple for them to call her a witch. .
             Pride had its place among the accusations in the Salem witch trials as well. Parris would rather believe that the devil is running around the down then that his own daughter and niece were dancing in the forest. He doesn't want anyone to think he is a bad minister or father so he doesn't tell anyone about what he found them doing in the forest. Another example of pride is that none of the girls ever say that they are just lying about seeing witches because they don't want people to think badly of them. Even though they are killing innocent people they still won't tell the truth. Mary does actually come forth when John Procter tells her to. She came forward against her friends and accuses them of lying to the public about witnessing occurrences that had to do with witchcraft.

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