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Nora and her Future

             Can you imagine leaving the only life you've ever known, and establishing yourself as an independent person? This is a difficult enough task for anyone to accomplish. In "A Doll's House", Nora is certainly no exception. The concept of single women, as we know it today, has drastically changed since the Nineteenth Century. Women had few rights, and from this we can speculate that Nora's life, after she left her husband, would be a difficult one. However, with the characteristics that Nora has displayed in "A Doll's House", we can hypothecate that Nora would be able to survive without Torvald. The rights of women were limited, but not unmanageable, and with Nora's strengths, she would be able to overcome all obstacles. .
             In terms of women's rights, the Nineteenth Century was very different from the Twenty-First Century life that is familiar to us. Women were granted many less rights than men were, and for this reason they generally married, and stayed married until death. If a woman chose to leave her husband, it was very rare, and usually for extenuating circumstances. Because of this male-dominated society, women were unable to do many things. Firstly, women were unable to own property in their name. This made it impossible for a single woman to establish shelter without a man. Secondly, women were unable to sign any loans, or to participate in any banking procedures. This meant that women were not able to borrow any money from the bank, keep any money safe in a bank account, etc. A woman always needed to rely on a man to do these things for her. For these reasons, it would be very difficult for Nora to establish herself without Torvald. .
             Due to the fact that women were unable to own property in their name, immediately after Nora left her family she would be faced with the problem of where she would live. This might be a big problem for ordinary women, but Nora has an extraordinary sense of determination.

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