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Dolls House

            Nora Helmer in A Doll's House is a woman ahead of her time. In order to protect her children from a false life, she inflicts tragedy upon herself by leaving every thing she has by walking away. She puts herself in this tragic situation by not being honest. Nora lies to herself and the ones she cares about. Before she leaves her life is not her own person she is carrying on life as a role. Making others happy, instead of herself.
             A Doll's House by Henrik Isben is about a young woman and her life. The main characters name is Nora Helmer. She is married to a bank manager named Trovald. In the early years of their marriage just after their first child, Trovald becomes ill. Doctors say that he will not live unless he goes abroad immediately. Nora takes it upon herself and borrows money from Krogstad. She was dishonest with Trovald and said her father gave it to her. She has dishonored Torvald by lying to him, and has put him in a situation in the future, which he would not like to be in.
             Nora Helmer begins the play by having this almost child-like attitude of herself. She can not do anything on her own, and is constantly relying on others to help her with her daily activities. Nora does not care for her own children, and she doesn't even cook. She has a maid which has left her own children because she was unwed. It is ironic that this women has to care for someone else's children, when she is not allowed by society to care for hers. In one part of the play Nora is caught eating macaroons. She is scolded by Torvald as if she was a child being told what to do. She simply has to hide her affection for macaroons, because Torvald disagrees with sweets in the house.
             Torvald is more like a father figure to Nora then a husband. Nora's father ends up dying because of his illness. He had done everything for Nora, made all her decisions. So when Nora enters this household with Torvald, it only becomes natural for her to be taken care of.

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