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doll house

             A doll house written by Henerik Ibsen is a dramatic narrative written during a time in which society frowned upon women asserting themselves. Women were confines to certain boundaries which were that of domestic work like taking care of their husbands, children and making sure everything was every thing was perfect around the house. Nora's character at first was described as a delicate, childlike woman who led a very sheltered and protected life. She was also looked upon as a person who loved to spend money on the luxuries of life. All her life she"d been treated like a pampered child and may think that it was her childlike nature that leads her to hide the macrons from her husband. One finds a deeper meaning into the story which centers around Nora -a character that Ibsen portrays as of being a lesser value. Whether it has to do with eating or finances Nora is always dictated to and this can be seen when her husband Torvald talks about her eating macron " Hasn't nibbled a pastry, not even munched a macron or two?"(875) . Torvald constantly nags her about the money she spends "spendthrifts are sweet, but they use up a frightful amount of money. Its incredible what it costs a man to feed such birds."(874) Torvald condemns her father which is another one of those things Nora has to listen and live with because her husband said it. "You"re an old little one, exactly the way your father was. You"re never at a loss for scaring up money ,but the moment you have it, it runs right out through fingers. Its deep in your blood. Yes things are hereditary Nora".(874).
             These facets of a relationship showed how much Nora was dependent on the male authority which is also evident when she borrows money from Krogstad to save her husbands life. This story reveals the truth about society and its set standards where women were mere puppets in the hands of the rules and regulations. Almost everything revolved around men and women had to live and succumb to the male dominance.

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