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The Scarlet Ibis

             The story, "The Scarlet Ibis" by James Hurst, shows the struggle of a young boy trying to make his big bother proud of him. The narrator of the story struggles with trying to make his little brother, Doodle everything he is not. In the end, its blinds him for the love that he has for Doodle. Hurst uses the struggle between two brothers to bring out a powerful and moving theme. That sometimes an over whelming pride can blind us from things that really matter.
             Hurst uses many of the thoughts of the narrator to make the theme. "There is within me (and with sadness I have watched it in others) a knot of cruelty borne by the stream of love, much as our blood bears the seed of destruction, and at times I was mean to Doodle." Later on in the story the narrator makes the comment, " They didn't know that I did it for myself; that the pride, whose slave I was, spoke louder than all their voices, and that Doodle walked only because I was ashamed of having a crippled bother." Both of these comments talk about how much pride the narrator had, how horrible it was and what it would lead to. Hurst allowing the reader to go into the character's mind enabled the reader to pick up on the narrator's pride for himself.
             Not only did Hurst use the thought of the narrator to illustrate the theme, but he also used the character actions as well. The narrator's action towards Doodle showed that he had too much pride to let his brother ruin it for him. The only reason why the narrator taught his younger bother how to walk was because he was ashamed of having a crippled brother. He also showed how ashamed he was when he ran off and left Doodle in the thunderstorm which ended up killing Doodle. He was so embarrassed by his bother, that his lack of care for his bother end up killing him in the end.
             Sometimes in life we let our overwhelming pride for something or someone get in the way of what really matters. Just like in "The Scarlet Ibis", the narrator let his pride get in the way of someone who really mattered to him, his little bother Doodle.

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