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Doodle and Scarlet Ibis

             Everyone has thought of comparisons between two things at some point in time. Most people can compare two human beings, easily but what about comparing a human being and an animal. Doodle and the Scarlet Ibis are a perfect example. There are many similarities between them that could amaze anyone. .
             The Scarlet Ibis and Doodle had many happy things in common. They were both willing to try over and over again to accomplish what they had to do. Doodle was willing to try again and again until he learned how to walk. He wanted to please himself and his family. The Scarlet Ibis, in order to fly, must be able to try again and again. Because of their will power they both succeeded at what they had to do. Doodle had many obstacles to conquer but his brother was there to help. The Scarlet Ibis also had trouble but like many birds his parents helped it out. Both of them had helpers to them along. With the help of his parents, the Scarlet Ibis learned how to fly. Doodle had his brother to push him so that he learned how to do things like a normal person. Although the Scarlet Ibis and Doodle had many happy things in common, sad events occurred in the story. .
             Most of these sad events occurred at the beginning and end of each of their lives. For example, they both were trying to get away from a storm before they died. The scarlet Ibis was brought in from a storm and was found in the tree exhausted and sick. Doodle was running from a storm but got too tired and collapsed. They both gave out a yell for help but no could help. The Scarlet Ibis gave out a cry for help to the people below but everyone just watched as the bird began to die. Doodle also yelled out for help to his brother but his brother was ignorant. His brother was trying to run away from the storm also. They were both scared at many times. Doodle was scared because he was so different compared to the other people around him. He was also scared when his brother would start to talk about how Doodle almost died.

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