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Scarlet Ibis

             The story "The Scarlet Ibis" by James Hurst is about two brothers who became best friends. They were not very alike and struggled to overcome their differences, while doing that they learned from each other. Brother was sad that Doodle was invalid, but it increased his eagerness to teach him. .
             Brother taught Doodle many things that were not expected of him. For example, Brother did not like having a disabled brother. Brother was not supportive when it came to Doodle's disabilities. Brother was cruel when he pushed Doodle to do things that he was not able to do. In addition, Brother wanted to surprise his family. He shows this when he says, "We chose to reveal all on October eighth, Doodle's birthday, and for weeks ahead we mooned around the house, promising everybody a most spectacular surprise." Brother was greedy because he wanted his family's praise. Brother displayed an act of selfishness when he teaches Doodle for himself and not for his brother's sake. Furthermore, school would be starting soon and Brother wanted Doodle to be able to keep up with the other kids. Brother did not like the idea of Doodle not being like all the rest of the children. Brother was mean to Doodle because he wanted to toughen him up. Doodle's new abilities led to changes for him and Brother.
             Doodle and Brother were affected by their hard work and all the time they spent in many ways. For example, after many weeks of practice Doodle learned how to walk. Brother was relieved that soon he may not have the burden of dragging Doodle along. Doodle was very excited to know Brother was pleased with him. In addition, Brother received pride for teaching Doodle. Brother wanted someone and something to be proud of and his was teaching Doodle. Brother felt good inside because he did something helpful for Doodle. Furthermore, Brother came to have high expectations for Doodle and he ends up dying when he was unable to keep up with Brother.

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