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Causes of WWII

             Many aspects led to the eventual rise of WW2, beginning with the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, which isolated the United States and caused disputes among the English and France. Italy was also affected by turning on the Allies; however Germany was impacted the most rationally with increasingly worsened conditions. This treaty was supposed to end the disagreements and WWI. Ironically it only stirred up more tension and arguments. The next factor that seemed to emphasize the cause of the war was German's dictator, Adolph Hitler, who led the Germans with the ideas of fascists. Since the Germans were going through the Great Depression, Hitler's idea seemed more efficient and they reluctantly joined him and his quest to conquer. He also began to sufficiently gaining popularity throughout Germany and increased their nation's power. This situation began to worry all the neighboring countries and began fearing Germany. In 1936-38 the Spanish Civil War had taken place, this was between the Liberals versus Nationalists. However Germany had stepped in and aided the Liberals and helped their way to achieve victory. Even though the Nationalists had some help from the English they still lost. This helped the Germans practice their tactics and mobilizations techniques increasing their chances of success against other nations. This was also left Franco in charge in which he set up a Fascists government. Also in 1930, Germany becomes more hostile and demanding. Hitler began reuniting former parts of Germany back together including Czechoslovakia, and engaging in battle if the country would try to resist. Even though the allies of Czech stated they would protect them such as the Soviets, and France. Although, these countries efforts proved they were in vain because Hitler commented he will get his land if he had to do it by force and by appeasement. English and France gave up the land. These final events caused the war in 1939, Germany made a Non Aggression Pact with Russia, which seemed suspicious, but the Countries played along and kept their word.

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