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Sam and johnny

             One liked sausages in his home, the other liked martinis on a boat. Either way, both of these men were killed indulging those delights. Each were mob men high up that were also connected to the CIA with Operation: Mongoose, not to be confused with Operation: Dumbo Drop (dumb Disney movie). Operation: Mongoose was the codename for the operation in which the CIA hired the mafia to take out Fidel Castro, or at least discredit him in the eyes of the Cubans, using attempt after attempt of hair-brained schemes, including exploding cigars and a toxin that would make his beard fall out. It was implemented after the Bay of Pigs failed to get Castro out of power. John and Robert Kennedy wanted Castro out of power so they created Mongoose and gave Brig. General Edward Landsdale, who would be designing the project, a license to do anything it took to get the job done. So Landsdale hired the mafia, without the Kennedy brothers knowing. The CIA then sent arranged to have mobster John Roselli got to Florida in 1961 and 1962 to organize teams to assassinate Castro. Roselli got Chicago mobster Sam Giancana and Santos Trafficante, the Costra Nostra chieftain for Cuba, in on the deal. There was a $150,000 bounty put on Castro's head when Mongoose was put into action. Giancana was then supposed to find someone who could get close enough to Castro to slip pills into his drinks. Trafficante was to be the courier who helped make arrangements for the murder in Cuba, and Roselli was the link between all of them. The Kennedy brothers found out about the operation and put an end to it before Castro could be killed. If it became public knowledge that the CIA worked with the mafia, it would ruin the credibility of the agency. Oh, wait, it's the CIA that we"re talking about.
             SAM "MOMO" GIANCANA.
             Sam Giancana was born on May 24, 1908 in an Italian ghetto in Chicago's west side nicknamed "The Patch.

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