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Johnny Appleseed

             Johnny Appleseed was one of the most well-known and loved folk tale legends of his time. Throughout history Americans have always valued the eccentricity and the freedom that Johnny Appleseed's story gives. Johnny displayed great courage in his lifetime by walking alone in the wilderness without a gun or a knife. He also lived a very simplistic life; he slept outdoors, walked barefoot, and ate berries. Finally, Johnny demonstrated kindness by becoming friendly with the Indians and by not killing any animals. John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed, was one of the greatest folktale legends ever, as evident by the long lasting stories of his courage, simplicity, and kindness.
             "Johnny's courageousness was even legendary in his own time" (Chapman 17). It was even said that Johnny would travel hundreds of miles to tend to his orchards scattered throughout the wilderness. For most of his life he lived alone in the wilderness and refused to carry a gun or a knife. Johnny was not afraid of any animals. One night when Johnny became very tired, he crawled into a hollow log to sleep. On the other end of the log were a huge bear and her cubs. John slept there knowing the bear wouldn't hurt him, and said there was enough room for all (Peck 106).
             Johnny Appleseed did not live a decorated and affluent life like most heroes do. Instead, he lived a very simplistic and impoverished life. Appleseed cared little for his own appearance, dressing in frayed or even tattered clothes (Appleseed 412). "He was such a good, kind, generous man that he thought it was wrong to expend money on clothes to be worn just for their fine appearance" (Peck 104). Johnny thought if he was comfortably clothed, and in attire that suited the weather, it was sufficient. He would refuse to wear a coat unless it was a freezing cold winter day (Peck 104). Johnny made all of his traveling barefoot, no matter how hot or cold the temperature was.

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