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             The third match of the evening was a 4 way tag match to crown the first ever SCW Tag Team Champions with the Kraze brothers, Dark Riders, Pure Extreme and The New Breed all gunning for the gold. After the fan favourites, the Kraze, eliminated both "Pure Extreme" and the "Dark Riders" they failed at the last hurdle because after the latter elimination, the New Breed's manager Jason Devins took out Johnny Kraze with a vicious shot from his "pure gold" walking stick as he climbed to the top rope sending him falling into the arms of Chris Barton and straight into a fall away slam as Eric Boyd ran off the ropes into a big splash and then into the pin to be crowned the first ever SCW Tag Champs.
             The Kraze seeked revenge and went through both the Dark Riders and Pure Extreme in successive weeks to gain a title shot at the SCW Tag Titles at the last event of the month, 'Hard Knox'. At Hard Knox both the New Breed and the Kraze went at it and after a brutal brawl it ends with the Kraze getting the gold after Jason Devins accidentally hit Eric Boyd over the head with his "pure gold" walking stick sending him straight into a dropkick from Johnny Kraze knocking the big man down and setting him up for the moonsault from Adam Kraze to get the pin and the gold. After the match The New Breed attack the new champs and tied Johnny into the ropes while they beat down on Adam ending with them pilmarizing his ankle to the delight of the sadistic Jason Devins as his helpless brother looked on.
             Johnny Kraze tells us that his brother is out for the rest of the month but while he's gone, he will get his revenge over the New Breed and challenges them to a match but instead out walks SCW Commisioner Mark Bailey who tells Johnny that as a favour to Jason Devins he is setting up a double match for him tonight and if he wins he can get his revenge over the New Breed as well as a shot at the #1 contendership for the SCW Commonwelth title but if he loses he and his brother will be stripped of their tag titles and suspended until he see's fit.

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