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Of mice and men: the american dream

            In John Steinback's Of Mice and Men, a major theme is the journey to live out the American dream, or, rather, the impossibility of living out the American dream. The American dream is a complex concept to explicate because it is different for every person. Despite this truth, there is some conformity in all our dreams that ties us all together. Most people's American dream is to be successful and to lead a life good heath, wealth, and prosperity. The definition of "wealth and prosperity" may differ from person to person. In Of Mice and Men, each character has their own unique vision of the American dream. One aspect of each of their dreams remained constant though"they each wished for a bigger and better life than the one they actually lived.
             For George and Lennie, the ideal life was to live on a farm without a boss or rules and restriction. The two are best friends, and no matter how contrasting their characters may seem, the common goal they both share unites them. Their highest aspiration is to "get the jack together," purchase a few acres of land they can call their own, "an' live off the fatta the lan'". Most of all, they want to own a humble home, where they can work for themselves and be free of the persecution and scrutiny of society. The dream is a bit of a sanctuary from the slings and arrows of the outside world, where it seems Lennie is not meant to live in. Whenever there is disturbance in their lives, Lennie will ask George to tell him how it will be one day. Although it appears as if George is consoling Lennie with his narration of their fairy tale, it is also evident that George is attempting to persuade himself also that one day they may actually be able to live out that dream. .
             The farm that George constantly describes to Lennie, those few acres of land on which they will grow their own food and tend their own livestock, is so appealing to Candy and Crooks, that they want to join in also.

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