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Of Mice and Men

            In the novel, Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, the use of symbolism plays a key role in describing different characters, events, and figures described throughout the story. Symbolism is so important in this book because it represents different events that have occurred. In this novel, objects are very important in describing a character's feelings and actions. George and Lennie are frequently used as primary symbols in the book. The use of symbolism is one of the many reasons why Of Mice and Men is such a great novel to readers around the world.
             Symbolism is seen many times in this novel, but most importantly seen in George and Lennie's dream. George and Lennie have always fantasized about having a farm, tending rabbits, and living the American dream. The dream represents a paradise for men who want to be masters of their own lives and not work for anyone. The farm that is described by George and Lennie represent the possibility of freedom, self-reliance, and protection from the cruelties of the world. This is such a huge symbol because it allowed George and Lennie to have a goal, a goal filled with hope and freedom which George and Lennie wanted so badly. This symbol is very important because it represents a goal that ever man would want. In the novel, an old man named Candy is intrigued by their plan and wants to live that life too. It's a symbol, which attracted a couple characters in the book because of it's of freedom.
             An important character in the book is also used as a symbol. Candy and his dog are used as a symbol in this novel for many reasons. Candy's dog is very old and is shot in the head because of his age. This symbol supports a cruel fact that the strong will dispose of the weak. This is such an important symbol because it symbolizes Candy also. Candy realized why they killed the dog and fears that he himself is nearing an age when he will no longer be useful at the ranch.

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