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Virtual Reality in Surgery

            The major area I have chosen to discuss is Virtual Reality and Simulations in the Medical Environment or more specifically, Surgery. With the use of VR this area of medicine has advanced dramatically. The surgeons use computer technology to help plan, perform, and simulate entire surgical procedures. Before surgery, virtual reality is highly effective in planning because it allows the surgeon to visualize the area to be worked in before making any incisions. Another area where VR is becoming more common is the performance of the surgery. As technology becomes more advanced, doctors are able to perform surgeries in VR. The doctors perform the surgery with VR similarly like they play a game, while a robot actually does the surgery, guided by the Application or game that the doctors are using. This eliminates hand tremors and allows for a much more precise surgery. Virtual reality is also being used now to help simulate surgeries. This enables surgeons to practice procedures and improve their skills without the use of needing a patient.
             Although VR is serving us in many ways there are some cases were it is not able to help us. There are 3 different types of Practicable Surgery:.
             1. Open Surgery.
             2. Endoscopic Surgery.
             3. Radio Surgery.
             VR is steadily increasing on all 3 types but has not yet encountered them all. Open surgery is the most invasive of all surgical procedures. The surgeon uses large instruments and their hands to perform most of the surgery. This method of surgery is the least advanced so VR in this form of surgery has been used minimally in it. The second method Endoscopic Surgery is much more advanced form of surgery as well as much less invasive. This type of surgery is done through body openings, with a small camera and long thin instruments. It has a much shorter recovery time and puts very little strain on the area the surgery is performed in. Endoscopy has become the most popular application of virtual reality for these reasons as well as being able to expand on an already unnatural procedure.

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