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Virtual Reality

            The term virtual reality is heard more and more these days in the media. I will focus on what it really means, and what its social implications are. The subjective or imaginative products of the mind became, to the user, objective. For example, if someone wishes to fly like a bird then he will fly subjectively. No one will see him flying, but as far as he is concerned he will be flying in virtual reality. This is probably what people look forward to without any great physical commitment, without the inconvenience or danger of a real experience. The social and ethical questions this raises are complex and I will consider some of them later. As technical definition of Virtual Reality, virtual realities are computer-generated worlds, which can be explored in real time. A virtual world is not like a CD or film, which plays a set pre-recorded experience. Rather what you do will affect what happens next. The computer will respond to whatever you do inside the world. .
             In this research I will look at the history of virtual technology, and its cultural forms and the role of it. .
             First I would like to review what virtual reality is. Generally, there are two ways to define Virtual Reality board and narrow. In the board sense, virtual Reality describes a range of experiences that a person interacts with and explores a computer simulated space environment through using a mouse or a joystick or keyboard. On the other hand, in the narrow sense, virtual reality is resulted from the sense of total immersion. It has to have four conditions, which are head-mounted devices Head Mounted Displays (HMD) with a wide field of view; tracking the position and attitude of the user's body; transducers that interpreted users' natural behaviors, and delays in the rate at which the virtual environment was updated in response to users' movements and actions.
             The start of Virtual Reality can be traced back to inventions like the Stereoscope, invented in 1833 by Sir Charles Wheatstone.

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