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Virtual Reality Technology

            Virtual reality has been around for quite some time, only gaining commercial traction lately. It has always been a goal of the developers of these technologies to bring us closer to what we might otherwise not see or experience. To bring us closer to experience out of a story book or science fiction novel. Becoming a way to change the way anyone can receive information and even changing the way we treat people with anxiety disorders. To be in a world of their imagination and escape reality for a while is probably a dream of many and we might be a lot closer then we think.
             In 1930, the first mechanical flight simulator was made as a crude version of what you might see today to give pilots hands-on experience without actually having to have plans readily available, plus it's a lot safer to have a newborn pilot train before putting them in dangers way. This was the first attempt at Virtual reality type device. Skip ahead to 1968: MIT develops the first virtual-reality headset; it was nicknamed "the Sword of Damocles." It took up a whole room and the headset was so heavy it had to be suspended from the ceiling. Jump ahead to today we have Virtual reality headsets that weigh just a pound, with the new Google Daydream coming in at 220 grams less than half a pound. In turn, the ultimate goal, may it be 20 to 50 years seems to be getting a real to life experience from less intrusive hardware that might kill the immersion, into what is called a full dive experience. Instead of having a headset or hardware interface tapping straight into your nervous system and projecting the world or interface directly into of minds, imagine a dream that was completely scripted with full control and the ability to go anywhere and do anything. Might sound too good to be true but is closer to becoming a reality than ever before [ CITATION Mar15 l 1033 ].
             Virtual reality technology can be used for more than just entertainment purposes.

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