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Dark World of Virtual Reality

            Humans have been undergoing a transformational phase in its evolutionary history. Biological evolution has been outdated by evolution in information and knowledge. Last few hundred years have witnessed acceleration in rate of information acquisition. Recent developments in biotechnology, cloning for instance, has troubled our physical existence as well as human identity. The continuous development and sophistication of virtual reality technology threatens to dissipate our present categories of knowledge.
             Virtual reality environment has been touted as exciting new technologies with many varied applications. Today, Virtual Reality technology is used in robotics, training, simulation, medicine, and many other fields. However, there is even a dark side of this graphically rendered world. Main goal of Virtual Reality is to produce a simulation so realistic and appealing that a person would have trouble differentiating between real world and virtual world. Primary strength of virtual reality is that virtual world can not only imitate real world, but also it can make virtual world more appealing. This can cause a normal person to prefer virtual world to real world; eventually, a person will deny the genuineness of real world. Virtual Reality is solely meant to please humanity. If people lived a life of illusion, humanity would not advance. Virtual world will become a tempting substitute of real world. Technology of virtual reality has profound effects on way people live. This makes Virtual Reality a potentially dangerous technology in a sense that it can easily deceive and cause a person to take a false representation as something true or preferably truth.
             A crime committed in virtual world can go unpunished since there are no rules or laws for this world. For example, a father sees his daughter being shot in front of his eyes by a stranger. He suddenly revives from this hellish nightmare by remembering that it was only a virtual world, and his daughter is sitting at home.

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