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Losing Weight - Healthy Foods and Diet Pills

            Are you looking to lose weight? Losing weight is something millions of people are doing today, and many want to lose it by eating healthy foods, while others want to take diet pills. Eating healthy has proven to be more effective and better for the individual than diet pills. Those who have lost weight taking diet pills have double gain the weight lost back within one year.
             Healthy eating includes all foods. Variety is important because no one food can provide all the nutrients the body needs for optimal health. Try new foods to tantalize your taste buds and vary your nutrient intake. Deprivation does not have a characteristic of healthy eating. We can make possible choices within each food group. Choices may be made to insure healthy eating accentuating specific needs like fiber. For example, in the protein rich meat group, beans are a low fat, high fiber option compared to ground beef. In the fruit group, whole fruit is usually a higher fiber than fruit juice. Food containing important nutrients can help us prevent diseases and even restore our health. Striking a balance between healthy eating and foods that may be risky is important for long term well being. Choose foods that are better for your health more often. Without a doubt, fats and cholesterol are the single most important group of nutrients to limit when healthy eating is the goal and if you want to reduce your risk of chronic disease. Heart disease and cancer, two of the nations leading killers, are linked to diets high in fat.
             Carbohydrate sources have been labeled as simple (containing sugar like glucose and sucrose) or complex (containing fiber and starch) based on the structure of the main carbohydrate. Simple carbohydrate foods have been charged with causing large and rapid changes in blood glucose. Simple carbohydrate has been considered to be lacking in nutrient value. On the other hand, it has been believed that the digestion and absorption of complex carbohydrate foods is slower, providing a flatter and more sustained blood glucose and insulin response.

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