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Justice Through the Eyes of a Child

            Bureaucrats- are they turning the minds of our young into a cesspool of cellulite? When did the rights of the gulity party become more important than the rights of the victim? In 1992 alone, families of drunk driving victims sufered some of the most outrageous forms of injustice our history has ever seen.
             Two of these fatal accidents should have left the drivers to face vehicular homicide charges. Instead, a judge who is obviously tiring of his profession, sentenced these drunk drivers to house arrest. What kind of justic is that? In one of the cases, a child's life was lost, another, the drunk driver had run down a 9-year old boy on his way home from school. The court was exceedingly negligent in this case. The driver, a 30-year old Fort Wayne women, was arrested and initially charged with driving on a suspended license, failure to provide proof of insurance, and reckless driving resulting in bodily injury. Twenty-four hours later shw was released on bond to await her court date. Tow days after her release, she was arrested again on charges of drivning while intoxicated.
             In the carelessness of a day's work, the court and its system lost her original docket, she was then later charged only with driving while intoxicated. Even though known to the court as an habitual offender, she was sentenced to only 96 hours of community service.
             However, if you are charged and convicted of selling an illegal substance, you could be sentenced to life in prison, though the court needs no proof that you have taken the life of another human being.
             As for the selling of drugs, I agree stiff punishment should be administered, but life in prison?.
             In our courtrooms, drunk driving offenders are treated like a preschooler hwo has bitten a fellow classmate. They will continue in breaking the law; in a sense, they have been given " a license to kill".
             If what our system is showing our next generation is addeptable, then perhaps our children will grow up to believe they can get away with murder.

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