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Affirmative action paper

             It all started on May 16th, 1898, when the U. Supreme Court upholds racial segregation in public accommodations. The justice says that it should be "colorblind." The great debate of affirmative action is that people wonder if giving the minorities benefits is fair to the rest of society that are not getting this help. Affirmative action is unfair and unjust to society and there needs to be a way to slowly bring everyone together as an equal race and make affirmative action come to an end. .
             Affirmative action is simply discrimination and should be done away with. Discrimination on the basis of race can never be justified. Giving advantages to minorities is not fair to the other people that have worked hard to get where they are in life. The moment that a class is protected in legal language, a stigma is put on them. There are a lot of minorities that think that it is just demeaning and making them look like they can't do anything all for themselves. People also become racist and sexist towards the minorities because they think that the only reason that they are getting these jobs and getting into these schools is because of affirmative action. There are colleges now that give out 20 extra points to minorities on the admissions scale just so there will be an "equal" chance to get a good education. "This begs the question of whether it is right to admit a student to a college who is minimally qualified, and thus, least likely to succeed. Would you want a minimally qualified surgeon, dentist, or pilot?"(McWhorter) There are many businesses and schools that affirmative action has established a system that does not accept students based on race which makes the original purpose of affirmative action obsolete. This is also known as discrimination. A way to try and stop this racial and sexual discrimination is to work harder and to eliminate the source of these problems- racism and sexism.

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