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Informal Community Care System

            To live a long life; to be a centenarian; has been the ultimate dream for many in this world. Better medical developments and the improved standards of living have extended one's life. However, it is too early to conclude that everyone can be a centenarian. With improving health care systems, the elderly believe that being a centenarian is no longer just a mere abstract hope, but a reality. To ensure the success and longevity of the system, we need to increase the number of informal community care system and also need to give elderly a spiritual care. .
             To increase the number of informal community care systems, financial support is extremely critical. Financial support is essential to increase the number of informal community care system because the availability of services depend on financial support. Without the finance to support the hospitals and clinics, the services provided by them will cease. Susan L. Hughes states: "As a result of influx of new dollars, the number of Medicare home care providers has increased substantially." (Hughes 56). Reimbursement for community care is also important. For example, an elderly patient may need a low-tech and long term support with skilled nursing care. Susan L. Hughes mentioned that: "First, the trend toward prospective, case-mix-based reimbursement for institutional care may cause nursing homes to preferentially admit more patients needing highly skilled care versus those needing lighter, intermediate care. Second, if this happens, and if the nursing home bed supply remains relatively constant, we may end up with a situation where patients who need lighter care have nowhere to go." (Hughes 57). It shows how important the low-tech home care system can be in the future. Also we know that the increasing number in home care systems is very important in this point (Hughes 57). Low-tech services may not be able to satisfy the number of the elderly who need it for the first time.

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