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How Did Iago Manipulated Othello

            The main character of William Shakespeare's Othello, by the same name, is a great military man operating in Venice who is easy to catch emotions. In the story, this villain, portrayed as an honest man by the name of Iago tries to destroy Othello's life out of revenge for having Cassio promoted to Othello's lieutenant instead of Iago by manipulatiing the story's main character himself and other characters in the story such as Rodrigo, who used to love Desdemona, Othello's wife, Cassio and Iago's own wife, Emillia. Iago manipulates people into doing actions that would only benefit him, so we can portray him as a selfish and clever man. For instance, Iago succeeded in manipulating Rodrigo by making him think that he still had chances to win Desdemona's heart or when he made Rodrigo kill Cassio in Iago's advantage. The way he manipulated his wife Emillia was by taking the handkerchief that Othello gave Desdemona as a present and showing it to Othello and telling him that his wife gave it to Cassio, which enraged Venice's Moor. Instead of taking the easy route by going to manipulate Othello first, Iago preferred to put Othello in a trap by manipulating the people in his entourage. Numerous times, we witnessed that Iago had to improvise his plot in order to succeed, which he was doing successfully. He also has quick thinking skills and makes the best out of any situation. We can take as an exemple the way that Cassio treats Desdemona, in an elegant and polite manner and wanted to exploit this fact. Iago is also a man who knows well how to avoid undesired inconvenient events, instead of killing Cassio by himself, Iago decided instead to send Rodrigo to do the job. When the act was done, Iago turned his back on Rodrigo and killed him.

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