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Lord of the Flies- Character sketch for Simon

            The character of Simon plays an important role in the story Lord of the Flies by William Golding. Simon represents a kind of natural goodness, he is caring, supportive, smart and always tries find the truth behind things. He was the first and only boy to discover that the beast wasn't real. He is a hard worker and works for the goodness of the tribe. He is quite a shy boy and although he has many smart ideas in his head it is hard for him to pass them along to the rest of the boys because he hates speaking at the assemblies. "He sighed. Other people could stand up and speak to an assembly, apparently, without that dreadful feeling of pressure" (page 112). Simon "was a skinny, vivid boy," with "straight hair that hung down, black and coarse." (Page 20) "His chin pointed, and his eyes so bright," and "He wore the remains of shorts and his feet were bare like Jack's. Always darkish in colour, Simon was burned by the sun to a deep tan that glistened with sweat." (page 112). Although Simon was quite a small boy, he is a strong and the wisest of all the boys. .
             Simon's intuitive wisdom separates him from the rest of the boys. Simon has an "inward sight" that the beast was only a man "once heroic and sick." (page 112) His intelligence leads him to recognize the boys' fear of themselves and that there is no beast, it is only them. Shown on page 96 is Simon's attempt to explain to the boys that the beast is not real and that maybe its only in themselves. "What I mean is maybe it's only us." The boys ignore his words of wisdom and laugh at what they cannot understand. The describe him as being "nuts."(page 96) Most of the boys seem to get along with Simon, although they do find him "batty". "Simon. He helps"" he pointed to the shelters"(page 55) Ralph appreciates how Simon helps him, for he is the only one who does. .
             Simon always comes to the boys' aid whenever someone needs his help. For example, when Piggy looses his glasses, "he went crouching and feeling over the rocks but Simon, who got there first, found them for him.

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