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Lord of the Flies Simon

             Simon is portrayed as a saint in the book. There are many indications of Simon's sainthood. He picks fruit for the littleuns who cannot reach the branches with the fruit on, he gives his meat to Piggy when no one else will give him any at the feast and because of this suffers Jack"s wrath. He picks up Piggy's glasses and gives them to him when Jack smacks Piggy on the head. He offers to leave on his own to tell Piggy and all the littleuns Piggy is with that the boys who are hunting for the beast, Jack, Ralph and Roger, will not be back till after dark. .
             He sees things that the other boys cannot see. He tries to tell the group what is wrong with them all, although he cannot articulate his thoughts and so gets shouted down, as is often the case through out the book. When Jack and Ralph report their discovery of the beast he sees that the only option is to climb the mountain and do something about the beast. Simon seems to have the power of foreknowledge, an example of this is when he tells Ralph he will get home but does not make any indication at all that he himself will get home.
             He is frequently unable to express his thoughts and emotions, a prime example of this is when he tries to express his affection for Ralph but he can only shyly stroke his arm. When he does try to tell the group things he knows and they cannot see, he cannot seem to express his thoughts and is often jeered at by the other boys.
             William Golding gives many signs in the book of Simon being a type of prophet or saviour. Many prophets in history have been known to have faints and hallucinations. The main example of this for Simon is when he has a fit and talks to the Lord of the Flies. He sees that the Lord of the Flies is evil and represents all the bad on the island. He sees the pig head as the devil, and resists the option of doing nothing and ignoring it but he does not do this and in fact talks to the head, and in away tries to stand up to the evil on the island, although he is in the head very unsuccessful.

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