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Letter to the Editor - Beowulf

             I recently heard that they are considering making Beowulf a Saturday morning cartoon character. I think that in making Beowulf a character, that it would instill good values and virtues in young children. The following are reasons to support my opinion. If they do end up making Beowulf a cartoon character I think it would be appropriate for school-aged children to watch. Some people might disagree, but that is their own opinion. Beowulf was a fairly violent character. But the violence he dealt out was to get rid of evil. Violence is not really good in any situation. But if it is going to be shown, it should be shown to get rid of evil. Should we teach our children any way is the right way? Evil is bad, and I believe you should teach children how to overcome evil at an early age. So it would be highly appropriate to make Beowulf into a cartoon character.
             Beowulf has a lot of good qualities that young children might follow. Such as fearlessness. Beowulf portrays the quality of fearlessness, as supported by the following quote: .
             "I count myself nowise weaker in war.
             Or grapple of battle than Grendel himself.
             Therefore I scorn to slay him with sword,.
             Dead deadly wound, as I well might do!.
             Nothing he knows of a noble fighting,.
             Of thrusting and hewing and hacking of shield,.
             Fierce as he is in the fury of war.
             In the shades of darkness we'll spurn the sword.
             If he dares without weapon to do or to die.
             And God in His wisdom shall glory assign,.
             The ruling Lord, as He deems it right." ".
             Fearlessness is a good quality to have. No one should have to be afraid of anything, that is why fearlessness is a good quality to have, and to be portrayed for children. Endurance is another quality Beowulf has. No matter how tired he is he doesn't give up. You can see the endurance he has in the following quote. "By a narrow path the king pressed on. Through rocky upland and rugged ravine, a lonely journey, past looming headlands, The lair of monster and lurking troll.

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