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The influence television has on children.

            The greatest influence on children of today is television. It has become one of the most popular inventions. As time progresses, television is becoming more and more relevant in the lives of children. With it Children have been able to watch shows designed specifically for children and also historical moments. Historical moments like when men first walked on the moon or Chicago having it's first black mayor. They watch television while they eat, to entertain guest, before they go to bed, and to play video games. So as television has saturated our lives it has began to have positive and negative effects on childrens lives. .
             Society has most assuredly been adversely affected by it. Since the birth of television, crime has increased. Many years ago, problems in school were chewing gum and running in the halls. Now, children fear for their lives as our schools have become battle grounds dor student who become angry with their classmates, with school shootings becoming a national problem. Many attribute this problem to the violence children watch on television. Children have not been sensitive to the value of life because the many murders and violence viewed on the screen. Television has led the morals and values of children to be declined. With the coming of cable and satellite television, Americans now have scores of channels to watch with very little educational value. Many children sit for hours in front of the television, and could not imagine missing a favorite show or movie. .
             Television also has positive effects. Children can take witness to historical moments that happen while they watch television. They can also learn a lot. Children sometimes learn their ABC's and how to count from watching educational programs on television. They also learn the harsh realities of the world which in some cases can be extremely beneficial but in other cases can be very harmful. .
             Parents use television is some cases to occupy a childs time.

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