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            Upon the creation of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden, God created the perfect world, a world in which none knew evil. However, nothing fell according to His plan. With the fall of Adam and Eve and their expulsion from the Garden, and the murder of Abel by Cain, God's perfect image of man became flawed. No longer was Man good, for as time went on the evil of man grew. Finally, God picked the Chosen one, Abraham, to help him carry out His project, a plan to re-establish man kind, and create a nation, as pure and great as to stand as a model to the rest of mankind. .
             From Adam and Eve to Lamech to the Sodomites, the problem of man spreads exponentially, so much that in the city of Sodom, God could not find 10 good people to be saved. Humanity is now scattered and sinful, actively disobeying God's will. Not only has evil overcome humanity, but God is ignored and overlooked. God, not pleased with this situation, decides to do something about this problem, the problem of man. He wishes to save mankind and creation, which is God's project, a plan to regain his peoples. His main goal is to make over man and to undo what has gone horribly wrong. This project begins with the call of Abraham, and with the promise of blessing and numerous descendants through Abraham's barren wife, Sarah. With Genesis 12 and 13 comes God's new plan to deal with the problem of a world gone askew. The basis of the God's project is the formation of a nation, a people chosen by God whose families over the generations to come will be blessed; A people who will be looked upon for greatness and holiness in a world that had gone wrong. .
             In a time of evil and sin, Abraham shines and stands out to God, who sees in him a leader, the patriarch of a great nation to be Abraham displays the qualities that God wishes to see in an: obedience, courage, generosity, loyalty, and kindness. God, carrying on His project, orders Abraham to leave the country with his family and settle unto Canaan.

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