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Abraham's Faith

            The story of Abraham and Isaac has always been one of my favorites. The tremendous amount of faith that Abraham proves to have in God is unbelievable. .
             When the Lord first tells Abraham that he is going to have a son at the old age of one hundred he laughs. This incident lets me know that Abraham isn't perfect and he has his flaws also, just like everyone else. This gives me comfort in knowing that a man who did have such sin was still able to find such favor in God's eyes. I know now that even ifl do sometimes stumble the Lord will still love me and will offer me forgiveness if I correct my ways. .
             The story of Abraham and his life also lets me know that there is room for change and maturity in people's lives. As we see, Abraham starts out as a man doubting God and his ability to give him a son, but as Abraham gets older his faith and trust in the Lord grow tremendously. Abraham kept faith in the Lord and that he would go through with the promises he made him. He was confident that one day he would have many nations, his people would be blessed, and that he would be give'a land. We see that Abraham' s faith is its strongest when he is willing to sacrifice his one and only son. Abraham doesn't even ask God why he has to do this; he just obeys the directions that he is given. When I go through difficult times it is in my nature to pstion God and wonder why he is putting me through such things. Abraham' s story of Isaac .
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             gives me trust that I don't have to second guess or question God. God knows what he is doing for my life and the plans that he has for me, and it is my job to put my complete trust in him just like Abraham did. .
             Abraham's life depended on the trust and faith that he put in God. I can learn from Abraham how to live my life from day to day and not have to worry about the little things because I know the Lord will provide. .

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