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Abraham - Man of Faith

             In this essay I will endeavour to describe Abraham's role in Bible history, why God chose him and how he was different than those around him.
             Abraham's main role in Bible history was to be the father of God's chosen people. We find that he had a relationship early on when our father in heaven told him to separate himself from his country and family. Through his obedience he would be blessed and the rest of the world would be blessed because of him.
             God shows Abraham the land he will be given and then meets up with Melchizedek the high priest. Abraham gives ten percent of all he has to Melchizedek but refused to accept anything from anyone except God himself. .
             The Lord then promises Abraham a son of his own, named Isaac, from his barren wife Sarah. God also lets Abraham know that his people will go into captivity for 400 years after which they will come out free and blessed.
             Abraham introduces circumcision as a sign of his covenant with God. It should be noted that this, along with tithing and sacrifice, has not been written in to law yet.
             We are, yet again, given a glimpse into the type of relationship Abraham had with God. We see him negotiating boldly with the Lord to spare the cities of Sodom of Gomorrah for the sake of the righteous people living there.
             Finally, Abraham is told to sacrifice his miracle son as an offering. Abraham does not back down from this command because of his strong faith. The Lord provides a ram to take the place of Isaac and the stage is set for the building of the nation of the people of God.
             God was willing to use Abraham as the man that His would eventually descend from for several reasons. For one thing, we find that Abraham would often stop, build altars and worship God wherever he went. We see in scripture that God seeks out those who want to worship Him.
             It is noteworthy that Abraham did not have any written law or instructions on how to worship God, yet he did so continually.

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