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In Praise of Abraham

            "Johannes de Silentio" arises at a very intriguing question with regards to whether or not Abraham should be praised for his actions. It is extremely hard to not praise someone that had that much faith in God, but on the other hand it is very hard to praise someone that was willing to kill their beloved son. I think that preachers must praise Abraham because Abraham is praised in the Bible. Abraham makes an example of having extreme faith and belief in God. The praise however must be taken for what it's worth; people must realize that you cannot act in this way and expect faith to help you out. God specifically spoke to Abraham, it was God who decided to make an example out of him and this is what differentiates him from a murderer.
             Abraham is a role model when it comes to having faith in God. People should emulate the faith and love that Abraham had in God. If you are going to look to emulate Abraham, you shouldn't emulate him to where you are going to be "sacrificing" someone's life to prove your faith. Instead you should just realize that all that this means is you should always have the utmost faith and confidence in your God. .
             To "sacrifice" someone's life brings up another interesting point. Back in the days of the Bible, it was common for people to "sacrifice" lives in honor of a god or belief. In today's day and age it would be frowned upon in society to "sacrifice" a life in honor of a religious belief. The person would be considered a murderer and there would be no sacrificing when it came to their punishment. However, if in the times of the Bible, a god spoke to you and asked you to make a sacrifice, you would be frowned upon if you didn't follow through and do as you were told to do. The authorities wouldn't consider you a murderer because you would have been making a "sacrifice" for a religious cause. Today, whether your cause was religious or not you would be considered a murderer.

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