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The Lord of the Rings- The Quest

            A young hobbit named Frodo is, on a special occasion, is given a ring that contains immense power. This ring is dangerous because of the hidden evil that lies within it and it's ability to control middle earth. For this very reason Frodo must destroy the ring in the Cracks of Doom where Mordor lies. He must leave his home and venture off into the unknown world where he will be faced with many adventures and will begin his Quest. The novel The Lord of the Rings absolutely displays the process of the Quest as Frodo tries to destroy the ring in the mountains of Mordor. .
             Frodo Baggins first displays the process of the quest when he leaves his home in the shire. He adventures off from the land of "here", the shire, to the land of "faerie" and begins to experience many new things. " There is only one way: top find the Cracks of Doom in the depths of Orodruin, the Fire-Mountain, and cast the Ring in there, if you really wish to destroy it, to put it beyond the grasp of the Enemy for ever." (Lord of the Rings-Gandolf 81) He must leave his safe and secure environment and venture off into the dangerous world of Middle Earth. Following his departure the adventure that he will proceed to go through will consist of many preliminary journeys that will contribute to the completion of the quest. The Old forest is the first of these obstacles that Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin encounter. They are forced to take this route and this leads them to some trouble. The trees in the forest are ill tempered and begin to engulf Merry and Pippin with their roots. The characters do not know what to do and confidently Tom Bombadil comes to their rescue. He sings a song to the tree and makes it release the two hobbits so they can return to safety. Strider and the prancing pony is what they encounter next. This is one of their second minor journeys in which they must overcome the black riders that are on a hunt for them.

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