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The Telephone

            In American history many people have reached absolute stardom through some astonishing inventions. The greater of these would be the telephone. It has aided many events in our world. The telephone has been used by leaders of many countries to contact other leaders in times of peace and war. The telephone has been an instrument of mankind since it's development. You don't need to write a letter and then wait one month or more for a response. Using the telephone allows you to have immediate contact with others. A telephone call is more practical and time effective than writing letters. .
             The telephone was invented over one hundred years ago by a man named Alexander Grahm Bell. The invention he engineered has broken boundries throughout the world. It has proven to be a well used instrument for language barriers as well as communication between one another. It has improved relationships and given people a more personal means of conversation. Through the years conversation has dwindled to a point that everyone is so far apart that they have little conversation time. Times have changed starting with the invention of the telephone.
             The best evidence is that people in the world have gotten busier and busier. There is little time to sit down and write a letter. If a person found time to write a letter, chances are that it would be very brief and vague. When writing a letter you must put time and effort into it to produce a worthy letter. There are few times that a person can sit down and write about the whole family or their life. Many people have lives that evolve around work and companies don't allow and extra hour to write a nice thoughtful letter. .
             The second evidence is a time barrier. In history letters have cost many lives. For example, in the Civil War parts of the country were unaware of Lee's surrender, and for several weeks unnecessary killing took place. In today's time a simple phone call can alert allies and opposing powers that a war has been dissolved.

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