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the telephone

             The industrial revolution was the widespread replacement of manual labor by machines that began in Britain in the 18th century. It is still continuing in some parts of the world and was the result of many fundamental, interrelated changes that took place. One of the inventions that took place during the industrial revolution was the telephone and the person who invented it was Alexander Graham Bell.
             At first the telephone was basically limited to receiving and sending one message at a time. Bell's great knowledge of sound and his understanding of music let him have the possibility of transmitting multiple messages over the same wire at the same time. Even though the idea of a multiple telegraph had been around for a while, Bell offered his own musical or harmonic approach as a possible practical solution. His "harmonic telegraph" meant that several notes could be sent along the same wire if the notes or signals had a different pitch.
             Without the telephone our lives would be a lot less convenient, and we are very lucky to have it in our society today. We are fortunate to have such a powerful machine to use whenever we need it. With the telephone we our able to communicate with other people over great and vast distances whenever we please. It may seem like an every day average thing, but try and imagine a world without the telephone. We wouldn't be able to talk to our friends all the time. You couldn't call out to order pizza or merchandise over the phone and most importantly we wouldn't be able to dial 911. That thought is scary because what if someone got hurt or if someone was robbing a store or anything that we need the police for we wouldn't be able to contact them in one of these life or death situations.
             The telephone is a wonderful machine that makes our lives much easier and helps to save lives. This small device has a great impact in our everyday lives and over the years has evolved so that it can be held in the palm in your hand for whenever you may need it.

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